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Oct. 20th, 2008

As each sees the other,
No one sees the truth.
Faith is who one is,
Faith is what one is,
Faith is all we are…

Trying to define myself,
And I have found
A flaw inherent…
That ties me to the past…
That is part of the future…
An imperfection of sorts
That I cannot escape…
Surrounds my heart, and
Binds my mind…
A tragic display of fate
That I have no choice but to accept…
I must live with the pain but hope…
That I will find
The sacred rhythm of life,
For I know it to be, beyond my reach,
Religion in its' whole.

 I try to see underneath
To what is hidden deep,
 To let my instincts guide
The ways that are inborn, to find
The flaw inherent,
For I wish…
 To hide the life inside,
Hide the imperfection…
What is the fatal flaw?
Why do I want to know?
A curse or be it a blessing to know?
I see it as others don't
I see the gift of Gods.
I let the flaw become my heart
Survive the lives of many
 That are a part of mine.

As each sees the other,
No one sees the truth.
Faith is who one cannot be,
Faith is what one wishes to be,
Faith is everything we cannot have…
I do not want part of this "gift"…
I will not believe,
The truth that stares me in the face
Is scarier than any dream…
I will not accept being different,
All I want is to be like anybody else,
I will not give in to the pressure
I will not become part of the nightmare…
The darkness cannot hold me.
Will anyone protect me?
What can be done,
But to deny this force within me
That cannot be denied,
All I can do is to ignore it
Why do I deny?
This growing force inside?

 To live with this I must realize
That this gift is not a curse
It is a part of my essence
The very life force I drink
I have no choice but to accept
the life I will have to lead
Even though I am unsure
of what will become of me
This gift, this opening of life
This new type of understanding
I must begin to realize
It will always be part of me
acceptance is the key here
I cannot live with myself unless
I come to terms with the soul inside
That longs to be freed from it's chains

As each sees the other
No one sees the truth
Faith is who they are
Faith is what they are
Faith is all they can ever be

This gift, this love
that has grown inside me long
Is ready to be embraced
Ready to be cherished
The gift that I was given
Has been a part of me
for as long as I remember
but now it is my essence
of who I have become
I am all that is not understood
I am the one you cannot help
I am one with nature and space
I am all I ever will be now
The time to love my treasure is here
Now I understand that is not how different we are
but how different we can be.




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